UMA GARG, Associate Partner

CA. UMA GARG is an Associate partner to PS Legal. A highly successful chartered accountant with excellent knowledge of financial reporting and accounting possesses 16 years of over all experience. Investing the incorporated skills of exercising and executing view and decision making ability to achieve concrete returns and expanding skills as a financial professional within a progressive organisation, where expansion to new horizons in the buzz word and which challenges it’s people, while enhancing learning and leadership abilities. At present she is engaged as Internal Auditor & Financial consultant of companies in automobile sector i.e. M/s Sujeet Motors Private Limited, Hisar (Volkswagen Brand), M/s Sidhant Motors Private Limited Hisar (Ford Brand) & Salasar Baba Private Limited , Hisar (Renault Brand). She is also handling statutory audit of different business concerns including L-13, L-14 & L-1 of liquor trade. PROFESSIONAL EXPOSURE • Expert in covering all aspects from start up business to financial management. • Proven ability in professional judgement dealing with the disclosure of information in financial reporting. • Proficient in computation corporate, individual and taxes, corporate organizations, surplus distribution etc. • Highly skilled in researching issues and finding solution and best alternatives to tax issues. • Easy going nature and able to coordinate with all departments.