PUSHKAR RAI GARG, Managing Partner

Pushkar Rai Garg is the Managing Partner. He is corporate and commercial lawyer ,his practice focuses primarily on Civil Laws which includes Services matters (i.e. Promotions, Selections, Pay scales, Retrenchment, Wages , Enquires & Punishments etc.), Problems regarding HR, Claim Cases, Consumer Cases, and other legal matters and drafting of Deeds and Documents including those related to Mergers & Amalgamation, Takeovers, Joint Venture, LLP’s and Corporate Restructure. He is committed to the cause of the clients while providing the best legal solutions in and outside courtroom. He advises on banking and financial transactions with specialization on drafting and settlement of loan agreements, security creation and documentation and other related agreements. His professional experience spans over two decades practice as a budding lawyer, he has conducted about 5200 cases with shining results in 75% thereof and representing a wide variety of industries, businesses and Banking companies. This wealth of experience means that he understands the issues that arise in major transactions and can provide the solutions to resolve these issues; providing advice that goes well beyond legal and contractual matters, and into the technical and commercial heart of the success of the transaction.