Anti trust and competition Law

India’s antitrust law, The Competition Act, 2002, was fully constituted on March 1, 2009 – replacing the Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act of 1969. The Competition Act monitors any economic activity that monopolizes competition within the market; it aims to protect consumers and small enterprises, and ensures the freedom of trade. The Act also regulates acquisitions, mergers, and combinations in India.Competition Act guarantees that no enterprise abuses their ‘dominant position’ in a market through the control of supply, manipulating purchase prices, or adopting practices that deny market access to other competing firms.The Competition Commission is India’s competition regulator, and an anti-trust watchdog for smaller organizations that are unable to defend themselves against large corporations. The CCI has resolved many cases since its inception in 2009, imposing some of the highest fines in the world on violators. We deal with providing advisory solutions to our clients covering maximum areas of competition law issues that are inclusive of reviewing potentially anti-competitive agreements, anti-competitive practices, business practices and arrangements and formulation of compliance. including ,Enforcement (cartel investigations and abuse of dominance, Merger control, Competition audit, Compliance